Elemental Herbology Delicate Cleanse

Elemental Biology

I’m always a little apprehensive when it comes to trying new skin care. There’s always that risk that it’ll set your skin off into a spin, and as someone who spends a large portion of their time in front of an HD camera, I try to avoid anything which could possibly irritate my skin. I was sent quite a few products to try out a few months ago, some which I liked, and some which I hated, this product I love!

Basics: £20 • Contains calendula, marshmallow, horse chestnut, chickweed and rose Water • Cruelty Free

It’s creamy, easy to work into the skin, and took all my makeup off without a problem. It even took off my eye makeup without issues. Now just so I can emphasise how impressive this is, I didn’t just have regular makeup on, I had had Jason Horton attempt to re-create the El Diablo look on me, and my face was covered in black eyeshadow. This took it all off without a problem. If you’re a fan of gentle and organic cleansers I think you’d like this one.

You can get it here (**)