My Favourite Things: No. 8

Monthly Favourites Klaire

Since this is my first favourites video of 2016 it’s only fair that it’s a little bit of a mammoth collection of jewellery, art and, of course, books!


I’m a little more jewellery heavy this month than most months, but with a few things included from Christmas it’s tipped the balance a little for this video. There are my acorn earrings, acorn necklacemoonstone, blue topazand garnet rings and finally a pair of amber earrings.

Klairs BB Cream:

I’m not going to talk too much about this one since I’ve already done a blog post about it here, but I will say this, I love it, it’s amazing, sorry Skin 79 but you’ve been replaced.

Sony Headphones:

I bought these partly out of desperation and partly out of curiosity. I’d managed to accidentally break my much loved Meze 66 classic wooden headphones – a moments silence please – and while I was in the LAX airport waiting for my flight I was quite desperate to just sit down and down and drown in some good music. I had a little browse through one of the shops there and eventually settled on these. They’re not as sturdy or as pretty looking as my Meze headphones, but don’t let that fool you. They’re very affordable and very good!

Kirsty Mitchell – Wonderland Book

I was a little worried when I mentioned this in the video that it wouldn’t be available anymore to buy, but after a quick look on her website it looks like it’s still possible to get your hands on one of her books. If you liked the look of the book then, before you do anything else, I highly suggest you check out her website. It won’t be hard to see why I love her work.

Assassins Creed Art Books

It’s official. I have no space left on my book shelf any more, but I have no regrets. These are a fantastic addition to my art books collection, reading them gave me so many ideas for different techniques I want to try out for the Outsider comic concept art I’ll be working on for future issues.

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  1. Alex says

    Thanks to your list I now convinced myself to buy my first Assassin’s Creed artbook. The one for Black Flag (by the way, it’s an amazing game with a wonderful story and great characters! You should play it! It’s my second favourite of the whole AC series!) and maybe if I have some money left in the next months I’ll by the ones for Unity and Syndicate as well (last one could be to your liking. The game takes place in London and the illustrations are beautiful! I spended hours in my local bookstore looking through the pages of that book). :D

  2. says

    I’m so excited! I didn’t know they made a book of Assassin’s Creed concept art. I’ll definitely have to look those up. I do have one for the Disney/Pixar movie “Brave” which I absolutely love, and a collection of mythical creatures by Finlay Cowan. Last thing, what kind of nail polish and lip color were you using? The dark red looks gorgeous.