Dry Face Mask

Face Mask

I’ve done quite a few face masks on my channel in the past, but I don’t think I’ve done a dry face mask yet. The downside of fresh face masks is they have a short shelf-life, if it’s dry you can keep it indefinitely and just add a little water when you want to use it. Same benefits but much longer shelf life.

Green Clay:detoxifying, cleansing, healing • Honey: antibacterial, moisturising, soothing • Oats: moisturising, soothing.

One of my favourite ingredients to use when my skin is having a little bit of a freak out is green clay. The downside though of this ingredient is that, while it is very good at pulling all the rubbish out of your skin, it can also leave your skin very dry. But if you add a little oats, coconut (which has pretty much the same skin care benefits as oats) and a tiny bit of honey you can still leave your skin clean but soothed and moisturised.

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