My New Favourite BB Cream

Kair's cream

Yes, I found a new BB Cream and it’s amazing! Don’t get me wrong, I still love the skin 79 BB cream, but I love this BB cream just a tiiiiiny little bit more. It’s a lighter finish than the Skin 79 BB cream, a lot more moisturising and leaves your skin feeling incredible!


Unlike the skin 79 BB creams this cream has more of a yellow tone than a grey one, so it leaves the skin with a slightly brighter, healthier look. The finish is a lot lighter, so if you’re having a bad skin day you will need to layer it a lot more. What I’ve been doing lately is applying this BB cream all over my face as a base, and then applying the Caylin BB Cream in areas where I need a bit more coverage.

Basics: £17 •  Cruelty Free • 40 ml • SPF 40  • Free from parabens, artificial dyes and alcohol

If you’re not a fan of the dewey skin look then you will need to powder after using this product. As it is I’m a little in love with the dewey look, and I love how soft and healthy my skin feels after using this. Coverage for the day, and when I take it off at night my skin feels like it’s just had a soothing face mask. If you’re a bb cream addict like me, I highly suggest you give this one a shot. I think you’ll love it!

I bought mine here

BB Cream Review


  1. says

    When you label things cruelty free, does that cover if things are sold in China or not. I love the look of this BB cream, but I’m always cautious of Korean products because I don’t know how to check if they trade in China.

    • Faye says

      Same, I can see that klairs is supposed to be cruelty free, but I can’t find any really credible sources (other than blogs and their own website) claiming that, same for CosRx. I used to love the skin79 bb cream, but because it’s not cruelty free I switched to sleek cc cream and human+kind bb cream, of which I can actually be certain that they don’t test.

  2. says

    I’ve just ordered this to try on the strength of your post. I’ve been looking for a decent BB cream that doesn’t turn orange like the mainstream ones do. The Superdrug one was a very fetching shade of Belisha Beacon :)