Special Effects Torn Earlobe

Thumbnail Torn Ear

So I have this constant fear that one day I’ll wear a pair of earrings which are slightly too long, or slightly too heavy, and they’ll catch on something and rip a lovely red sea parting through my ear lobe. I thing pretty much anyone who has their ears pierced can understand this fear, and because I have a fascination with things which frighten me I decided to do a special effect tutorial for it. Because, obviously, that’s the logical thing to do.

It doesn’t take long to do, between waiting for the┬árigid collodion to try and painting the tear on the skin it only took me about fifteen minutes to do. So you only need fifteen minutes before you can go out and freak out friends, or, if you’re feeling particularly evil, go to your local chemist or Claire’s and ask for a second piercing hehe ;)

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