Drawing Loba

Loba Finished

Unfortunantly this character wont be appearing in the comic book for a while. Loba is only introduced in the books in Defiance, and for the moment the comic book is still only in the early chapters of Outsider. But I wanted to draw her anyway, and I wasn’t about to wait till she appeared in the books. Besides, I’m probably going to change her hair before that and re-draw it so that her curls are much tighter and wilder.

Sketches First Colours Pencil Layers

I started off with the Cretacolour pencils and then over that used a selection of pan pastels. I’ve been using a combination of brushes for this part lately, some denser ‘c’ shaped makeup brushes to press the basic skin colours into the paper, and then a fluffier water colour brush to apply the highlights on the skin.

What I used:

Mechanical pencil • Cretacolor Oil Pencils Pan Pastels White Gel Pen Pitt Grey Pen

It was quite fun to play around with the eyebrows on this one too. Loba is one of those fierce and stubborn characters, and I don’t know about you but I always imagine those kind of characters with thick Audrey-esque eyebrows. Thin eyebrows never seem to suit them very much.

Pan Pastels Loba's Eyebrows

Loba Finished

I also played around with using pan pastels for the hair. I still need to practice around with with using pan pastels for hair a bit more, especially for tightly curled hair, but I love the effect it gives! I ended up getting the hang of it more in the Yrsa Gull portrait which I drew right after this one. I think at some point I might have to do a few hair studies with the pan pastels and experiment with drawing different hair types, especially if I want to re-drew Loba with tighter curls.

You can read the Outsider comic here


  1. Inês Amano says

    I haven’t read Outsider yet, but does this character has anything to do with a wearwolf? It’s just that Loba in my language means SheWolf.