Quick Oat Scrub

Easy DIY facemak

There are some days where I really can’t be bothered with making a face mask, especially when my skin is irritated and having a bit of a bad spell. When I filmed this tutorial my skin was irritated, dry and in desperate need of some gentle exfoliation. This way is quick, exfoliates gently and leaves your skin lightly moisturised. Perfect for helping to get your skin back on track.

If you don’t have oats to hand, or prefer to use ingredients like¬†desiccated coconut in your cooking/skincare they you can go ahead and use that instead. Both ingredients are moisturising and perfect for sensitive skin, so while the muslin gently removes the dead skin cells, the oats and coconut will help make sure that your irritated skin isn’t left dry and irritated.

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  1. Haleema says

    Absolutely love your DIY beauty videos. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tip. Excited to give it a go

  2. Cat says

    I love your makeup videos on YouTube and am really excited to try some of your DIY beauty tips. Since I don’t have any muslin cloth are there any other fabrics I could use as a substitute?