Harry Potter Makeup: Ravenclaw

Harry Potter Houses Ravenclaw Makeup

And we have Ravenclaw! Incase you haven’t seen it already I did Hufflepuff last week and I’m currently debating whether I should do Gryffindor next or Slytherin. I think I might end up doing Slytherin last just because it’s the one I’m looking forward to doing the most, I’m the kind of person who likes to save the best for last.

Ravenclaw traits: Intelligence, wit, wisdom, creativity, originality, individuality, acceptance

Just a small heads up, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to upload the next Harry Potter look by next Friday. I’m currently in LA and will only be home by midday Friday, so plenty of time for you to leave your vote on which of the two remaining houses you want to see next. Oh, and before I forget, if you see me at IMATS LA do come up and say hi!

I hope you enjoy the video :D


  1. Megan Z says

    I’ve always liked to save the best for last as well!😄
    And Slytherin is the best! (Biased for it is “my house”.😊)
    And beautiful Ravenclaw makeup!😄

  2. Laura says

    Just a heads up… the animal for Ravenclaw is not a raven. It is an eagle.
    Can’t wait to see Gryffindor.

  3. El says

    Love this. What lashes did you use? I checked the description box on YouTube but it doesn’t say, sadly. They are amazing for a super dramatic look.

    I also vote for Slytherin last!