DIY Helmet Tutorial


And finally, the last tutorial of the year! Well, that might not be true, I’ll probably upload a tutorial before New Years, but I fully intend to take Christmas off and give myself time to relax and film the Harry Potter series I have planned before I head off to LA for IMATS.

This week I’ll be showing you a supper easy (but not very quick) way to make a helmet

Of course there are lots of different ways you could use the techniques I use in this video. If you want the horns could be bigger, or maybe you want more elaborate patterns on the helmet which could easily be embossed on with a glue gun. Either way there are a hundred and one ways to take the tricks I show you an use them to make your own helmet, not just Vígdís’s helmet.

I hope you like the tutorial and merry Christmas! :D


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    Thanks so much for doing this video!!! I’ve been wanting to make some armor for forever, well that’s an exaggeration but you know what I mean. I saw some amazing versions of armor with Worbla (a thermoplastic) but it’s to pricy for me. So this is awesome!!!