The Flash Colour Case Dupe

Flash Palette Dupe

If you’re into makeup, especially the more theatrical kind, you’ve probably seen the Makeup Forever Flash Palette and the eye-watering price tag (£75). I don’t own the flash palette, so I can’t do a comparison review, but just judging this palette on it’s own, apart from being massively cheaper than the Makeup Forever Flash, Palette the colour pay off is really good!


The only drawback to this product is that it’s cruelty free status is a little murky. I emailed the seller to ask about their animal testing policy (and third party testing), and the seller replied with an email which can only be described as lost in translation. Since then I’ve found a different seller for the neutral palette which has confirmed that their palettes are not tested on animals. Since both palettes are virtually identical I can only assume they’re from the same factory and have the same policy, but just incase I’ve linked the second seller I found.

Basics: £11.25 • 70g • 12 colours •

With all the swatches above you can see just how creamy most of these colours are. The silver and gold are a little drier than the other colours, though you can still use them quite easily, but if I’m honest I prefer to use products like the Fardel liquid paints for colours like gold and silver.

Ingredients List

One other small thing to note is that the red, pink and coral will stain your skin if you apply these directly on your skin without a base. If you have a good layer of face cream on or foundation you shouldn’t have the problem. Overall I love this palette! I would love to do a comparison review on day with the Makeup Forever palette to see if the difference in price affects the quality, but for the moment I can quite happily say that this palette is an extremely useful addition to my kit.

You can get the palette here 


  1. says

    I love that you review affordable makeup dupes and are so honest about them! I have a limited budget for my makeup and buying dupes is tricky as you risk it being bad quality – like a lipstick that is the right color but the texture is awful and dries out your lips.
    I might try out this pallette then, thank you!

  2. Alexander Lee says

    Wow thanks for this review! I saw you using this in your ‘La llorona’ tutorial & have been intrigued to get it since it’s so much cheaper than Makeup Forever Flash Palette.