Drawing Melrakki


Recently I bought some new pencils (Cretacolour) and I wanted to give them a test run without using my polychromos, which are my normal go-to tools. I needed to get a drawing of Melrakki done since she’s going to start being introduced in the comic soon, and I was excited to see how she would turn out since she’s not meant to look as aggressive as the other goblins.

I was a little worried when I bought the Cretacolour pencils that they wouldn’t blend as easily as my polychromos. I’m a little obsessed with blending, especially when it comes to the skin, but as it turned out a freshly sharpened paper stump works beautifully with these pencils. Especially if it’s been a little shredded on a sharpening block. They’re not as ‘creamy’ as the polychromos, you need to be a a little bit rougher with them, but you can still get that beautiful soft gradient without too much trouble.

SketchMy Brand New Pen

The Faber and Castell pitt artist pens were also some new tools I got my hands on in the last week, and they work really nicely with the, Cretacolour set. I noticed that when I used the F&C pens over the Cretacolour pencils it seemed to melt them slightly, and get a little darker, which was wonderful for adding a bit of depth to around the eyes, nose and mouth.

To colour her eyes I used a mixture of different tools. Under all the other colours I used the grey Faber and Castell pitt artist pens to get the underlying pattern and then layered some Staedtler yellows and green felt tip pens before I finished with a white gel pen for the reflection in her eyes.

Now I know, some of you are going to point out that her skin should be green since she’s a goblin, but I wanted to just use the Cretacolour pencils for this one so I made a small exception.

Cretacolour Pencils Almost Done

Melrakki is one of those characters I didn’t want to make look like she’s a fighter, physically she isn’t a fighter. She can use a knife if she has to – just like any goblin – but compared to warriors like Gríð, Systa or her husband, Ulf, she’s pretty useless. That’s where her brain comes in. She knows she’s baby faced and because of that people make assumptions about her. It’s not something she’s ever let hold her back, in fact she uses it, allowing people to think of her as this vulnerable, delicate thing, all the while being the brains behind Ulf’s military strategies. 

Just The Hair Left


  1. says

    I’m continually amazed by your skills. This isn’t exactly I pictured Melrakki. I imagined her older but there are still elements that I had in my head.

  2. Annie says

    I have followed you for years and your drawing skills have improved so much. Practice makes perfect! This is gorgeous!