£300 Christmas Art Giveaway


I think it was last year I did my previous giveaway, so it’s long overdue that I do a second one. During the last competition I has some absolutely incredible entries, it was so hard picking a winner, so I have no doubt that I’ll get some amazing submissions again this time

The rules:

  • Entry submissions will end two weeks from today (the 22nd of December). I’ll announce the winner three days after, I want to take my time to go over all the drawings and make sure I pick the best piece.
  • The picture has to be a colouring of this drawing. You can use whatever medium you want; oil paints, pastels, pencil, charcoal, even digital drawings. It just has to be of that drawing.
  • You must tag my Instagram (@Klairedelys) and use the hashtag #OutsiderSeries. Please don’t forget either of these steps or I can’t actually see your work!
  • I will post a re-gram of the winning photo on my Instagram so the winner knows they’ve won and give them the details to contact me with their name and address.
  • Just like all my giveaways I will always send the prizes to you by recorded delivery regardless of where you live. Provided it’s on Earth, and I can send mail there, you will get it :)


What I’m giving away:

Faber-Castell Polychromos • Derwent Canvas Pencil Wrap • Derwent Blender and Burnisher  Cotman Watercolor Sketcher • Mechanical Pencil • Scrip Brush • Derwent Pencil Extenders • White Gel Pen • Graphite Pencils • Tracing Paper • Makeup Sponge • Tortillions •  Pan Pastel 

And that’s everything! I hope you like the look of the prizes and I can’t wait to see the beautiful pieces you’ll create!


  1. aimee says

    I love all of your channels and your kind, warm loving heart. You are an inspiration to many.
    In the give away to submit the art work, instagram is the only means to do so, all my life I have delt with bullying and due to this I have chosen not to have any social media. Is instagram the only way to submit?. I am so sorry for this question. Have a great day and smile, cause that’s what you do for so many.

    Sincerely, Aimee

  2. Haley says

    I’m to young to get on to Instagram (well according to my parents, that I respect and agree with). Is there another way?
    P.S. You are a huge inspiration to me😊

  3. Bea says

    Hi, I have a question: can we re-draw the drawing in our own style (change the shapes just a little bit but still look like the same characters and same layout), or does it have to be exactly exactly how it is?

  4. Francisco says

    Can we change the position of the two characters as long as they’re the same two characters.

  5. Claire W says

    I’m thinking of uploading this as a video response to YouTube when I colour (with full credit for line art to yourself of course). Is this okay?

  6. says

    ohh, cant wait to enter! I would also love an alternative to Instagram as I dont have it either. Thanks for offering this, you are very kind and talented! ~Sea

  7. says

    @____@ I’m not sure if I’ll have time to work on this because I have to focus on finals but I just want to gush over how amazing the prizes look! Especially the polychromos colour pencils, I never used those before! And those pencil extenders look like the most useful things ever, I didn’t know those existed! I might even look into buying them in the future, so many thanks for posting up the links to those products (:

    Also, good luck to everyone that enters!! (:

  8. Christy says

    so we could redraw the characters instead of using the line art ?

    so do the quality matters, i mean that photos/picture’s quality considered in the judging ?

  9. Page says

    I would love win
    What would I us then for I would give to my twin sister for Christmas she loves art shes a great article
    And I could get anything I didn’t no money my family is not the richest around 😊☺ I hope I win for my sister

  10. Laoise says

    I posted the photo but it doesn’t come up in your tagged photos :( so I’m mildly terrified that you haven’t seen it at all

    • Klaire says

      I’m liking all the pictures which have the hashtag and where I’m tagged, if I’ve liked the picture I’ve seen it :)