Christmas Suggestions (Art Edition)


Yes, I know, my face is doing something weird, but like a genius I forgot to take a thumbnail photo when I was recording this video so I ended up taking a screen shot. Fun fact, there is no such thing as a normal face when you take a screen shot. The fact I managed to get one where my eyes weren’t doing some strange half-open, half-closed thing is a miracle in itself.

This week I wanted to talk about some of my favourite art tools, books and supplies

If you’re not into art yourself and you’re looking to get presents for someone else the whole will-they-like-this-or-not debate can become a bit of a nightmare. Hopefully this video will make that process a little less stressful, and who knows, maybe you’ll spot something you’d like as a Christmas present to yourself ;)


  1. Mlo Obrien says

    Hey Klaire. You are absolutely beautiful. The things you do with your photos are amazing. You truly are an inspiration. Thanks for all the tips you give us!! Merry Christmas.
    Oh, and the eye palette with the blues in it are very nice….. Good luck in all you do.