The Three Fates: Atropos


Small heads up, I look  ridiculously grumpy in this video but, that’s just because I couldn’t move my face at all without my face cracking up (literally). On the plus side my skin felt amazing after this tutorial! A beauty facial and a makeup tutorial, win!

The last of the three fates is Atropos

Her name in Greek means “without turn.” She’s generally painted in mythology as this cold and sometimes even an evil character, so I wanted to give her a slightly human element.

Cut The Thread

The idea I had is that she would be made of stone but one eye is still distinctly human. She does see the pain she causes when she cuts the thread, but she is unable to show emotion because she has hardened to the effects of pain and sorrow over time.

The Third Fate

And that’s it! The last of my three fates series. If you haven’t seen them already you can see the tutorials for Lachesis and Clotho by clicking them. I hope you like the tutorial and I should have a new series ready for you soon (feel free to leave suggestions for the next series).



      • Icy says

        The 12 Olympians? I know, I know, you said you didn’t want to do another long series after the Zodiac but!!

        Or maybe the 7 Heavenly Virtues to match the 7 Deadly Sins? No one ever does them…

        • says

          Awww, great idea!!! The seven Heavenly virtues!! Anything ethereal, angelic, otherworldly.. I love =]. I was going to say maybe the two twins of Fertility in Nordic Myth, Freyja and Freyr, but the seven heavenly virtues seems much more complex and deep to me, but that’s just me. =D

  1. Lilian says

    how about doing the furies or the muses next? That would be great! I loved the Fates by the way. :)

  2. Jasmine says

    Wonderful job, as always! This is my absolute favourite look out of the three fates. I am in love with the colours and the concept behind it. Can’t wait for more!

  3. artboy says

    i have a idea for a next series .

    the four Egyptian goddess , Isis , nephthys , neith and serket

    As the guard of one of the canopic jars and a protector, Serket gained a strong association with Aset (Isis), Nebet Het (Nephthys), and Neith who also performed similar functions .

    i think this will be awesome :)
    ps i like your works :)

    greetings and hugs artboy

  4. Jelly says

    I agree with artboy! An Egyptian series of either gods or goddesses! Just the mythology behind it all! So cool! I love your videos and tutorials Klaire! <3 keep up the amazing work!!