Drawing Goblin and Human Clothes

Azure Oasis Cover Image

Now that is not a title I thought I would ever type out. One of the first things I had to send Nicoy for the second issue of the comic book were illustrations showing how the clothes looked. There were the humans in Einn, the Humans in the Azure Oasis and then the Goblins. All of which needed their own style of clothing to reflect their different cultures, social status and the climate they live in.


The Humans in Einn

Since Einn is a trading town I needed the clothes to reflect that. Einn is quite a cold town on the sides of the mountains, so I wanted the clothes to be practical and warm

One of the first ideas I had was to have a layer of clothing that works a little bit like an overall. If I ever end up expanding more on the culture of Einn I might have the design so that there are different apron/overall colours depending on the trade, but for the moment I have a hundred and one drawings that I need to get to before I start expanding on these ideas. 

Another thing I wanted to do was have it so that the humans wore two different pairs of shoes. A light pair for indoors and then a thicker boot which is worn with the first pair for outdoors a bit like Dutch clogs.

Azure Oasis

The Azure Oasis

Apart from being able to go into the backstory of all the characters so much more than I have in the books so far, I’m really excited that I can show more of the human worlds too. Places like the Gold Coast, the Azure Oasis and Bayswater have wildly different fashions, cultures and rulers.

For the Azure Oasis I wanted the colours to be vibrant, the complete opposite to Einn. I drew different sets of clothes, one for the wealthier travellers who would be in a caravan protected from the sun (and be able to afford blue dyed clothes), and the rest, who would be walking.  They needed plainer clothes and shoes which would protect them from the hot sand.

The Goblins

The Goblins

Now this part was fun! If you’re wondering why I drew them in their underwear that part was so that I could see clearly in my head how their clothes would layer up. Most of the goblins live on the plains. There are almost no trees so there is a constant cold wind and they need to stay warm. One of the most useful pieces of clothing they own is the veil (the same type Astrid wears) which can double up as bandages, a hood, even a crude tent if it’s completely unwrapped.

Apart from keeping warm the goblins also needed to be able to move fast. I didn’t want their clothes to impair their movements in any way, especially when they’re riding their bison. Since its quite normal for a bison or two to be toppled over by the heard when the goblins are hunting one of the most common ways for a goblin to get killed (apart from by the dwarves or a rival tribe) is being crushed under their bison. So when they ride they sit crouched on the backs of the animals so that they can jump off at a moments notice. Of course a fall like that, especially in the middle of a hunt means that they might end up with several broken bones, but their odds are a darn sight better than if they end up crushed under a bison. With an animal that size landing on top of you it’s game over.