Drawing the Goblin Sisters

Systa Close Up

Last week I finally got around to drawing Systa and Ótama, my favourite goblin sisters. It’s quite funny actually, while I knew that I wanted to introduce Ulf in the second book so that I could (hopefully) completely flip people’s opinions on who the bad guys really were, Systa and Ótama were not characters that I had planned for. They fought their way into the story and then refused to leave. Systa especially, who is too much of a badass for her own good. Speaking of Systa, I saw how she’s going to look in the comic book last week and she looks amazing! It might be a while till she appears in the comic, but when she does it’ll be good!


Ótama is the oldest of the two sisters by quite a few years. She’s also the only goblin who ever came close to killing Ulf in battle, so that gives you an idea of just how lethal she is. She is loyal to Ulf, but her sister comes first for her in everything, Systa on the other hand is completely devoted of Ulf and his vision for the goblins. I don’t want to give away too much of her backstory quite yet, but let’s just say she has a very good reason for hating the dwarves, other than the hæta of course.

What I used: Black Polychromos Pencil • Pentel Techniclick G Pencil • Pentel White Marker • White Gel Pen 

Systa was the first one I drew. As it turned out my Pentel G pencil really didn’t work so well on this brown paper, it reflected like crazy when I was trying to photograph it. So when I drew Ótama I used a polychomos black pencil which photographed much better. I think that the next time I draw on this paper I will use a mixture of a sienna brown with the black. For the highlights on both drawings I used two white pens; a normal white gel pen for the highlights on the eyes and outlining the face/hair, and then a broad nib white marker for larger highlights. For Ótama’s hair I tried something a little different and used my script pen instead of my mechanical pencil, I don’t know if I’m going to keep doing hair this way, but for a quick twenty minute drawing it worked quite well.