Coffee For Your Face

Cup o Coffee Lush

For someone who doesn’t drink coffee – I have enough addictions already, thank you – I really do love the smell of it. Most of the Lush face masks are infamously perishable, you have three or four weeks to use it but after that, it’s done. This mask, along with Mask of Magnaminty, are one of the larger and more long lasting pots. Perfect if you’re a scatterbrained goldfish like me.

Basics: • Cruelty Free • Vegan • £6.75 • 150g  •

The texture of this is…interesting for a face mask. I’m used to clays, serums and jelly-like masks, but this one is like rubbing mapple syrup into your skin with half a cup of coffee thrown into it. Normally I prefer to apply face masks in the evening, but this smells so strongly of coffee it’s lovely to use first thing in the morning while your brain is still in zombie mode.

Cup o Coffee Swatch

Because this is such a thick sticky texture I prefer to apply this just to the center of my face and t-zone. Otherwise when I’m massaging the face mask in it feels like I’m trying to re-mould my face. I wouldn’t recommend this mask for anyone with sensitive skin. I think it’s far too rough for that. But if you still want to try this mask out and think it’s too abrasive for your face then try using it on your decolletage and arms. Feels fantastic! Though you do end up smelling like Costa after.

Face and body Mask

I’ve actually started using this as a body mask, which is something I hardly ever do! To be honest I’m really bad with taking care of the skin on my body. My face get’s all the pampering normally, but I have such a massive pot to go through I think it’s the only way I’ll get through the whole thing.

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    I LOVE this face scrub! I lusted after it for ages after it was released as part of the Oxford Street exclusives. Now it’s available all over the UK, it makes me so happy. Coffee is great for cellulite so I use this on my thighs where they need a bit of TLC and it really does help.

    I need to get myself a new tub in the New Year mind, as mines all gone now. :P