Halloween Tutorial: Life

Life in the Darkness

A while ago I filmed a look for Death, and today I finally got around to doing the other side of that coin, Life. I didn’t get to film as many tutorials as I’d hoped this year for a Halloween, but I’ve actually realised something pretty important (and blindingly obvious). There are only so many hours in the day, and between writing the next Outsider books, the Outsider comic, my second channel, Malumi and my blog there’s only so much I can do if I want my work to be good quality. Not to mention my channel has never been about wearable makeup. Quite the opposite! So it’s not really restricted to seasons like Halloween to go all out. So I’ve made myself a little promise to not beat myself up about it.

Halloween Makeup Life

Actually, I thought I should mention that I’ve planned my next makeup series now that the Zodiacs are over. I didn’t want to jump into a twelve videos long series again so I thought I’d start small with the three fates. I’ll be doing the Greek versions of them, not the Roman, Slavic or Norse versions, and if everything goes to plan the first video will go up next week.

If you want to see how I made the masks for this look you can find both of them here

In the look I did for Death it was very heavy, dark and morbid. With this look I wanted to do the complete opposite. A light, cheerful and vibrant look instead. It’s meant to be worn with one of the masks I showed at the end of the video, but if you’d prefer not to it can be worn on it’s own as well.

The Glow

When I was photographing this look I wanted a prop that would be the opposite to the skull I used in the Death look. Other than using a bunch of flowers (which would end up looking very bridal) I decided to go for a candle with flowers instead, because wearing an entire nursery on my head wasn’t enough clearly.

I  hope you like the look :)


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    Klaire, this is stunning! I think the gold foil really sets it apart and just gives the look that extra “Wow!” factor. I’m super excited about your ideas for the Fates.