An Easier Way to Clean Makeup Brushes

Silicone Brush Cleaner

The downside of loving makeup is just how many brushes you will have to end up cleaning. If I film a row of tutorials back to back I have at least a whole jar of brushes to clean, so anything that will make the process of cleaning them faster and more effective is a plus in my opinion.

Basics: £1.59  • Took 2 Weeks to Arrive

I ordered two of these, the one from ebay which took over two weeks to arrive, and one from Amazon(**) which only took around 3 days. I got both mine in the colour purple, but I have seen them in black, pink and even mint green. Also depending on where you get them the price can vary between £1-£2. Not a huge amount, but especially on e-bay the price can fluctuate quite a lot between different sellers.

Using these is easy. A little soap on the ridges, dampen/wet the brush bristles and then rub the brush around on it till it’s clean and then wash away the soap and dirt. Especially with quite dense brushes like the toothbrush brush (I’m sure there’s another name for them but that’s what I’m calling them), this makes it at lot easier to get right down to the bottom of the brush.

Sigma Brush Matt

The only mildly negative thing I have to say about these is that they’re a too snug around your fingers. As I’m sure you can see from the picture above my fingers are nicely corseted in, but really, I can’t complain. It washes my brushes so much faster and more effectively, and better yet, it’s affordable!

I got mine here and here (**)


  1. Claire says

    Hey Klaire,

    How do you feel about the Sephora Master Cleanse: Daily Brush Cleaner spray? I’ve been hearing a lot of gurus rave about it and it seems really really easy and fast to use (and i’m embarrassed to admit how lazy I am at cleaning my brushes). What do you think?

  2. Lulu says

    That looks exactly like the ones from Daiso that you can get in the US for $1.50 usd or in Canada for 2 cad. They do have an online store but for wholesale only.