DIY: Autumn Masquerade Mask

Autum Leaf Masquerade Maks

With some of my tutorials there are so many ways you can adapt the tutorial to create something different. In my Leaf Masquerade tutorial I showed you how to make a very summery masquerade mask. Since it’s autumn/on the verge of winter, I wanted to show how you can paint that mask differently with spray paint, gold leaf and just a little bit of glitter.

I have one more idea for this mask which is more wintery, I imagined grey (concrete like) frozen leaves with frost and ice on their edges. If you want me to do a tutorial on that version let me know in the comments and I’ll get started on that. Oh, and if you end up making any of these┬áplease tag me on Instagram or Twitter! I would love to see your re-creations! :D

Enjoy! :D