If I Could Only Recommend One Face Cream

The Best Face Cream Ever

If I could only recommend one cream it would be this one. Seriously, this cream is AMAZING! After the disaster that was the Hawaiian Moon Aloe cream I was pretty desperate to find something that would fix my skin up fast. This cream is marketed for being good for soothing eczema and psoriasis, fortunately these are not skin conditions I suffer from, but between what stress puts my skin through and the constant abuse from applying and removing makeup I just wanted something which would be kind to my skin.


Basics: Cruelty Free • Unscented • 118ml

For the moment this product isn’t sold on on the UK amazon so the price was $23.87 + $11.06 for shipping which wound up to £23.06 for me. The feel of this cream is a little hard to describe. It’s very moisturising and sinks in quickly, but once it does it has a mattifying effect on the skin. So it’s fantastic as a primer too. 


I’ve already bought a backup pot of this, that’s how much I love it. Heck, I’ve even told my mum that if she sees me trying to buy a new face cream to stop me, because I doubt I’ll find one better than this.

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    This sounds lovely! I have started to only use brands like Origins and Korres for my skincare and I could not be happier with how my skin looks now! I have always had more acne prone skin but staying away from all those anti-acne products with aggressive ingredients was the best choice I could ever make in terms of my skin. At the moment I use a homemade face balm (the exact recipe is on my blog) made of different oils and it has helped my skin regain it´s soft texture and works amazing in general! :)