The Clarisonic. Worth it or Not?

Clarisonic vs. Dupe

This is going to be a long, long review so I suggest you go make a cup of tea before you sit down to read. got in touch with me a few weeks ago and asked me if I wanted to try out the  Clarisonic smart profile. The Clarisonic is one of those products I’ve heard people raving about for years and, as it turned out, I’ve been using a Clarisonic dupe from Aldi for over a year now, so I thought I would conduct a little experiment and compare the two.

The Clarisonic: 4 speeds • 2 heads • 3 year warranty • £199 • Can be used as a body brush

The price difference between these two is huge. From what I remember the Aldi dupe cost me around £12, and I liked it so much I bought a back up one just incase, both of which still work. It’s a simple sonic cleanser that does exactly what it advertises, cleans your face. The Clarisonic Smart Profile on the other hand comes with all these extra little features. A timer to tell you when to move onto other areas of your face, four speed settings and a charger that magnetically attaches to the outside of the brush.

Clarisonic Mia Reivew

The Clarisonic:

Probably not the best attitude to have when you’re trying out a new product, but I was really hoping it would not be better than the Aldi dupe. Long story short, it is better, and by better I mean much, more powerful. The minute I turned it on I was impressed. Though I found out that because it was more powerful my skin reacted badly at first and kicked up a little bit of a fuss. Once it got used to the Clarisonic my skin was fine, but there was an initial I’m-not-used-to-this moment.

The Aldi Dupe:

Not as fancy as the Clarisonic but it does exactly what it advertises, cleans the skin. It comes with a holder, a few spare brush heads, the charger, and a stand  One drawback to this sonic cleanser is that it’s not permanently in stock. Like a lot of Aldi products you have to grab them when you see them.

Is the Clarisonic Mia Worth It

The Clarisonic as a Body Brush?

While it is a better face brush than my dupe the body brush is my least favourite thing about it. Personally the Clarisonic did absolutely nothing for me as a body brush. I found it was way too soft and it felt more like it was stroking my skin rather than brushing it.

The body brush (**) I normally use is very coarse and stiff, I’m one of those people who like extra firm brushes, the kind most people think would take their skin off with it. So I suppose on that count the Clarisonic brush might work for you if you have very sensitive skin, but for me at least I need something more abrasive.

How well do they work underwater? And how long is the battery life?

Both of these work just fine underwater and as far as battery life goes my Clarisonic is still running on it’s original charge from a month ago, so the battery life is pretty good. The Aldi dupe is battery powered but also last a long, long time. I think the last time I changed the batteries was over six months ago.

Clarisonic Body Brush

 My overall verdict?

I love it, it’s a great product and I can understand the hype around it, but…once this one dies I think I’m still going to stick to my Aldi dupe. While it is better than the Aldi brush it is not so much better that I would spend the £199.

You can get the Clarisonic here (*)