A Tooth Brush For Your Face?

Using Powder Foundation

The first thing my mum said when she saw me using one of these is “isn’t that a toothbrush?” It made me laugh a little because that was exactly my reaction when I first saw these. They do just look like oversized tooth brushes, but they’re actually makeup brushes, and they’re so good I bought four of them. One for my own personal kit, and three for my professional kit.

Basics: Synthetic Hair • £1.45 • Shipping took 2 weeks

These are the bomb for foundation! Seriously, love it, love it, love it! Especially for my Lily Lolo foundation and my Cailyn BB Fluid Touch Compact. If you’ve been around on the blogashpere for a while you might have seen a few posts and videos about the Artiís Oval brushes, and this brush is a quite obvious dupe of that one. Can I compare then? No, I’ve never tried the Artís ones, but honestly, for £1.45 I don’t think I need to.

Toothbrush Foundation Brush

So, why do I love it? Well let’s get one thing out of the way, it’s not going to stop me ever using a regular foundation brush ever again. They both have their uses. A regular foundation brush will apply your foundation a lot quicker, but from my experience this buffs the foundation/powder into your skin much better if you’re looking for a natural finish. Also if you’re one of those people with slightly more…fluff shall we say, on your face (like me) this is perfect for smoothing that down and not letting the foundation sit at the top of the small hairs. Exactly like old Victorian powder brushes.

Face Brushes

I’ve raved about what this brush is good for, so let’s talk about what it isn’t good for. I wouldn’t recommend this for anything which needs a lighter touch like contouring, blush or eyeshadow. It can be done, but it’s a lot more work than using a normal blush or blending brush. It’s perfect for foundation and some concealers, but for anything else I’ll stick to my normal brushes.

But how easy is it to clean?

These brushes are very dense, and when I first got this I was worried that would make it hard to clean. It is slightly harder to clean than a regular makeup brush, but only slightly. It’s a lot easier to clean if you’re using something like the Silicone Brush Mitt(*) (I’ll do a review on that later) but they’re not particularly hard to clean the normal way either. 

I bought mine here 


  1. says

    This has been going around quite a bit now and I’ve been skeptical. But if it solves with the face fluff problem then I’m definitely picking it up.

  2. jennifersaurus says

    I bought one of these about a month ago and I love it! Like Klaire I mostly use it when I want a more natural finish as from my experience, its harder to achieve full coverage, but I definitely recommend it and I want to get another one!

  3. Kristen Jones says

    Have you featured these in a video as i cannot see how they could work, without removing foundation..as that’s what ‘buffing’ always seems to do with me!

  4. Ashley says

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been wanting to try these types of brushes, but hadn’t wanted to splash out on the expensive ones. Have a great day!