Halloween Makeup: Demon

Devil Collaboration

This week I actually have an exciting collaboration, I’m sure some of you have seen Freakmo‘s channel and if you have you know it’s awesome! For this collaboration the theme (obviously) was demons/devils. The funny thing is we both went for the black food colouring trick, though I suspect Kiana’s tasted better than mine did.

I’ll have the tutorial for the horns on my second channel next week

The horns are a little bit of a two part tutorial, for the basic shape I’ve already done a tutorial for it here, but for how to add and paint the lava effect I’ll have a tutorial for that next week.

Evil Grin The Burn

Little side note, sclera lenses are not the easiest things to put on and, unless you know what you’re doing, I would recommend using the much smaller regular sized black contact lenses. Not to mention they’re expensive and frankly, if they’re under £50 per pair I would be a little wary of using “cheap” sclera lenses.

I hope you like the tutorial and don’t forget to check out Freakmo’s tutorial here.