The Green Bath Potion

Green Bath Potion

I don’t know why I photographed this product on a fluffy background, the effect you get from this is exactly the opposite from warm and fluffy (in a just-gone-for-an-early-morning-walk kind of way). The first time I opened this my first reaction was that I had accidentally been sent a mint mouthwash. Even now, after using over half the bottle, I get the same reaction, it has the same kind of minty smell.

Basics: Cruelty Free • 100 ml • Contains peppermint, yarrow and fennel • £27.50

While it is not a Lush Bath bomb this product is more for relaxing your mind than anything else. At first I wasn’t sold on it. Despite the fact that it smelled nice and fresh, I didn’t feel like it actually did all that much. That was until I caught massive cold along with a nice side of chronic stress and then I appreciated this product on a whole new level.

MOA The Green Bath Potion

It’s fantastic for clearing your lungs, sinuses and calming down while you’re having a bath. On a few occasions I’ve even put a drop or two in the corner of the shower cubicle to get the same relaxing effect as a bath. It works wonderfully! If you’re an aromatherapy oil collector you might prefer to just mix your own concoction with the same ingredients, but if you want something straight from a bottle and no hassle then this is probably for you.

You can get it here (*)