Some Creams Just Don’t Work

Hawaiian Moon Aloe Review

Today I’m going to do my very best not to vent and rant too much about how much I dislike this cream. With a lot of products that don’t work some of them are obviously just not for me and would probably work for other people. I wish I could say that I think that is the case with this one.

Using this cream was a little like a bad relationship that I kept trying to convince myself wasn’t that bad, that is until I stopped using it and realised, yes, it actually was that bad and I was in denial. When I first bought this cream my skin had decided to throw a tantrum after a long flight to New York, and my face was so oily I must have looked like I’d tried to have a steam facial with a chip fryer. At first it worked really well with my oily-at-the-time skin and I was happy with it.

Fast forward to a few months later and I’m trying to think of a useful way to use this cream that doesn’t involve throwing it in the bin, because there’s no way it will ever go on my skin again. After looking at the reviews on Amazon it seems like I’m not the only one who didn’t like this cream.

Hawaiian Moon Aloe Review

At first it feels nice. It’s cooling and fresh as you slather it on, maybe it’s a little film-like but nothing too strange. Then the burning starts. At first it’s a tingle, and then it kicks into to-wash-off-or-not-to-wash-off-quickly territory. If you leave it on a little longer the stinging stops, but then your skin starts to get red and stay that lovely shade of  salmon pink the more you use it. If you persist in using the product then the cracking starts. At first it’s just dryness, then your skin get’s so dry it feels itchy all the time and starts to flake.

Basics: $39.40 • Cruelty Free • 9 Oz

I tried to use it on my hands and arms instead so see if it was only my face which reacted badly, and while it didn’t make my skin dry up as much as my face, the feeling is not pleasant. It feels a little like the top layer of your skin has turned into a dry cling film wrap which crinkles and cracks each time you move. I’d like to say that I think it might just not be suited to my skin, but honestly, I think the only reason my skin did not start shouting at me to stop using this when I tried it is because I had oily skin at the time and that barrier prevented it causing havoc sooner.


  1. Sjanelle says

    I’ve used this stuf a little while ago, and I my skin did the exact same thing as yours. It started to get really dry and flakey, to the point I even had skinparts so dry they would crack open and start to bleed. After I’d trown away this jar of Satanic junk I bought some Nivea men senstive aftersave balm and started to apply it twice a day, and it made my skin so much better! The dry parts are gone, and my acne-hotspots (chin, temples amd cheeks) are very calm and non-acne-ish! Maybe you should give the aftershave balm a try too, it’s a real goodguy compared to this one ;)