The Zodiacs: Taurus

The Zodiac TaurusMay Taurus

And that’s it, the last Zodiac in my series. Since it’s my sign I wanted to save Taurus for last, and while it’s not as flashy as some of my other looks, I don’t think Taurus’s are particularly flashy. We like shiny things, which is why I went for the layered headdress and gold patterns on my shoulders, but when in comes to how we are we’re quite minimal I think. So I kept the makeup on my face simple.

I wanted this look to reflect spring since Taurus is a May zodiac

The shoulder patterns took a while to do but they’re very easy to make. If you can get a brown/chocolate face mask and use that at the base for the pattern. Once the face mask dried I added a metallic face paint to it and stuck down gold leaf to parts of it to add that magpie quality most Taurus’s have and to also represent spring.

A Dream Of Spring Taurus The Zodiacs

As for the lashes, I made those a long time ago (link to the blog post here). They were originally for a photo shoot I was working on but in the end they were not used so I kept them just incase I wanted to do a nature/dryad look. I also did a tutorial on the false nails a few years ago here and if you haven’t seen all the Zodiac looks I’ve made a playlist for all of them here.

I got my (fake) septum piercing here 

Now I just need to decide what series I need to do next! I’m going to wait till after Halloween before I decide on a new series. I have a lot of looks and props planned for Halloween so I need to wait till I’ll have the time to plan a new series, plan out the looks and make the intros, but I know for sure I want to start off with a small three or four part series before I do anything this big again.

Leaves and Spring

I do have a chess based series I really want to do at some point, but I think I’ll wait till after Christmas before I do that one. At the moment the Fates, the four elements or the four seasons are at the top of my list. Any preferences?

I hope you like the tutorial :)


  1. Lilian says

    I love this look! The whole zodiac series has been fabulous.
    I would like to see you do that fates next. :)

  2. Jasmine says

    This is so beautiful! As a Taurean I’m so happy that you’re able to capture the essence of what we are: simple and grounded, yet luxurious! A series on the Fates sounds fabulous, but then again, everything you do is. :)

  3. Kuri says

    The four elements or fates would be awesome, I’m curious as to which mythology of thw fates you’re going to base them on :) A look/looks based on the chakras would be awesome too as they are each associated with a colour and meaning. Maybe something Ying Yang would be cool as well? Anyhow whatever you do it’s going to turn out awesome so I’m looking forward to you next posts!

  4. Jeanette says

    I would like to see the seasons since it’s finally turining cold here. At first when you said you were going to do the zodiacs I thought you were goibg to do the Chinese zodiacs. Did you know there are 5 elements in China? There’s metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

  5. Gabrielle DiMaio says

    This is probably my favorite look of the series, though they were all stunning! I’d love to see the Fates first! :)

  6. Laoise Ní Raghallaigh says

    This is just perfect😊 as a Taurean, I can definitely relate to the magpie thing – anything shiny and I’m gone!! I’d love to see your take on the four elements, since they’re a special favourite of mine to draw;) can’t wait for your next upload!!!

  7. Amanda says

    Wha a perfect end to a great series… i cant wait to see your take on the four seasons and maybe the chinese zodiac, which seems to be a very popular request. Do you think you could write a quick blog post about how you made the headdress? Is it a simple chain with pendants that you draped backwards and forwards? Or is it like a net?