Some Tweezers Worth Mentioning


It might sound ridiculously petty but if there is one thing  I just can’t stand when it comes to beauty tools it is tweezers that don’t work. Going out without makeup doesn’t phase me in the slightest, I actually enjoy it, but messy eyebrows are a no-can-do for me.

For two sharpened bars of metal, tweezers can get expensive. To top that off they are not always worth their price tag. So this week I thought I’d do a run down on my four favourites sorted into their pros, cons and price tags. I would recommend any of the following tweezers but, like any product, some are slightly better than others so I’ve ranked them in order of my favourites.

No. 1 – HD Brows • £19.96 (*)

I can’t remember when exactly I was given these. I think it was part of a gift bag at a makeup event that I went to about two years ago. From what I remember the tweezers came with an eyebrow powder which I tried and promptly gave to a friend minus the tweezers. Hated the brow kit, LOVE the tweezers! They catch everything, even those tiny annoying little small hairs no one but you will see. And as you can see I’ve used these to death. My favourite tweezers so far even if they have blunted slightly.

No. 2 – Tweezerman • £20 (**)

When I first got these I wasn’t too happy. They were just a little too sharp but, after a week they blunted a little and now they’re perfect. Also because I bought it in a bright red shade they’re a little harder to lose. I’ve had them for over a year now and I have no complaints.

Tweezers Comparison Review

No. 3 – Mister Mascara • £9.11(**)

Out of all four sets of tweezers, this is the one that I like the shape of the most. It fits perfectly in my hand/fingers when I’m using it and has a good amount of resistance. Not like some tweezers I’ve tried which felt like I was trying to grip hairs with two bits of straw.

The tip is angled (I hate flat tipped tweezers)  but one slightly negative thing that I will mention is that I suspect these might start blunting after a few months. So far they have been fantastic (I’ve had them for two months) but judging from how they’re going I think in six months I might have to re-sharpen them if I want to be able to get everything.

No. 4 – Sanguine • £7.45(**)

These tweezers have the complete opposite problem the Mister Mascara tweezers have. The MM tweezers are already a little too blunt but these are too sharp. I’m talking razor sharp here, I’ve cut open parcels with it. Like I mentioned earlier, I like tweezers where you actually have to press down a little to grab anything, but these are a little on the feeble side. They give you the same amount of resistance you’d get from holding a pair of chopsticks in your hands. Also the tip is a little too wide. Now I know, that might sound really petty, but when they’re too wide it’s easy to grip more than just your hair, and when the tweezers are this sharp I really don’t want to be doing that. Great tweezers, just with a few minor complaints.