A Little Green Pot

Daily Cleansing Ritual

I’m the first one to admit that I’m a massive sucker for anything organic, especially if the packaging is nice. I love trying out new products, new formulas, new brands. Sometimes I find a new favourite, sometimes the product isn’t very good, and sometimes it just sits right in the middle.

Basics: Cruelty Free • £17.50 • No parabens perfume or alcohol

I think with this product it’s the case of didn’t-work-for me-but-might-work-for-you. My current favourite cleanser is the Cailyn Dizzolv’it Cleanser, and as much as I would love to find a new favourite cleanser without fragrance in it, this just stripped my skin dry. 

MOA The Green Balm

Sure, I could just go ahead and apply moisturiser after cleansing, and if it was just a slightly tight feeling on my skin I would normally just go ahead and do that. But it leaves my skin so dry that I just couldn’t use it more than a few times.

The Green Balm

I don’t want to leave the whole review on a negative so I will say that the hot cloth technique that they recommend with this product is something I intend to incorporate into my skin care. When I used the muslin cloth which came with this cream with my Cailyn cleanser it was so much more effective and relaxing. I love the packaging and the philosophy behind the company, but unfortunately the MOA Daily Cleansing Ritual did absolutely nothing for me.


  1. Annie says

    You should try Paula’s Choice products, they’re fantastic! Fragrance-free, no animal testing, all the products are based on published research as to what ingredients are actually shown to improve skin without causing irritation. Lots of natural skincare products are actually bad for skin, as natural fragrance can be irritating to skin just like synthetic fragrance. If you still want to stay natural though, they have an “Earth Sourced” product line as well. Their 2% Clear BHA toner totally ended my acne and I love their hyaluronic acid booster and mineral sunscreen as well! This product in your post sounds very heavy and greasy, not what I would expect from a cleanser. It might work ok for you to remove stubborn eye makeup maybe?