The Best Vampire Fangs

Vampire Teeth

I have tried a lot of different fangs and teeth over the years, I’ve experimented with different brands and prices, but I always come back to these. I used them for my How To Apply Vampire Fangs tutorial years ago and I’ll be using them again this halloween for quite a few tutorials.

Scarecrow also sell other larger fangs, but if you want to be able to speak clearly these are the most comfortable

The best thing is you can get quite creative with these if you take a few of them and tweek them a little, a little like what I did for my Evil Forest Fairy look. They also give you quite a few capsules for moulding the teeth to fit on yours, perfect if you’re a newbie to fangs.

Love Bite Fangs Scarecrow Fangs

The first time I used fangs I messed up a few times before I got the hang of it. If that happens it’s simple, just pop the moulding gel out and try again. Or you can cheat and use denture cream, though I’ll warn you, it’s not the nicest stuff to remove. Unlike the moulding gel you’ll get in the packet it doesn’t just pop off easily, rather it get’s suck inbetween your teeth like popcorn and takes a good brushing to remove.

You can get it here (**)


    • Klaire says

      I can’t remember exactly. I think it was an MUA colour with an e.l.f studio lipgloss layered over it.

  1. Kristen Jones says

    Did you know Scarecrow are being sued by another company for stealing their fang designs. The other company Dracula fangs patented the use of thermoplastic as self making fitting for the fangs. Ive tried both fangs and i actually far prefer the Dracula small fangs for fit, although recently i paid out for some custom made fangs.

  2. says

    Thank you for telling, I’m getting some new pairs of teeth in a while, so scarecrow it is, I think the lovebite ones I already have is from scarecrow if I’m not mistaken, and I’ll actually try the denture cream even though it’s a pain to remove to make them sit properly…