A Peel Off Face Mask For Your Lips?

Lips Stain

You know those peel-off face masks you get? Well imagine that but staining and for your lips. Yea, the Cailyn Cocoon Lip Stain is a weird, but pretty cool idea. The only other lip stain I’ve tried which I liked was from The Body Shop, and I’ve certainly never seen one which applies like this. Of course I went for the darkest shade which is called Devilish Rose. When it peels off it’s a lovely fuchsia, but the product is fiddly as anything to apply. It has a very thick texture which makes it a little bit of a nightmare, especially if it’s strait from the tube.

Basics: 15g • Comes in 4 shades • Cruelty Free • Made in Korea • $22

I tested around with different methods of application and the best way to apply this is either with the tip of a brush, or a synthetic lip brush you’re not too worried about possibly destroying. It doesn’t apply too well if you have any kind of scar tissue on your lips. I used to have this really bad habit of biting my lips when I was younger, and as a result I have these deep grooves on my lower lip which pick colour up differently.

Cylin Lip Mask Review Lips

If your lips are even a little dry or cracked don’t apply this, you’ll end up peeling away any dry skin with it and possible ripping your lip a little. Sound uncomfortable? Yes, it was. As for the claims of lasting 10 hours, without eating or drinking it lasts closer to six hours, and it wears out in the center of the lips after about four, faster if you’re eating and drinking.

Don’t apply this if you have dry lips

Personally I don’t think I’ll be re-purchasing this. I like the idea of it, but the formula is very thick, difficult to apply, and I suspect because of how much you need to apply to get an even colour I’m going to get through it very quickly. I like the practicality of a lip stain but this product isn’t that practical.


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    Such a shame. The colour is really pretty and the product looks interesting, but honestly, soo much work for only 4 hours of wear? Call me spoiled, but lip products should be simple.