DIY: Roses Headband

Roses DIY Headband

I almost feel bad about this tutorial just because it’s so easy to do. All you need is a headband, a glue gun, maybe a little bit of mesh and ten minutes. But so many of you asked for a tutorial after my Death tutorial I thought I might have a riot on my hands if I didn’t upload the tutorial.

I used real dried roses, but if you want the headband to last you can use fake flowers instead

I’ve had these flowers drying on my desk for a few weeks now just for this tutorial. In the end the headband looked awesome, but bare in mind that real flowers are delicate and a crown like this will crumble eventually.

I hope you like the tutorial :)


  1. Seranelle says

    So either it’s because I’m finnish and we don’t have those, or I have been living under a rock, but what is that hair brush poofy thing? o.O And could I use something else for that part?