Daisies on a Chain

Daisy Jewellery

I was browsing around Amazon the other night (that’s a sentence no bank balance likes to hear) getting props for my upcoming halloween tutorials, and I was recommended these adorable little beauties. Amazon, you know me well. I have two extremes when it comes to my jewellery tastes. It either has to be large and ornate, or small and dainty, and I don’t think you can get anything smaller and daintier than this.

Basics: Silver Plated • Lobster clasp • Gold plaited centre • Chain length 15 inches

The earrings are really, really delicate. When they arrived the back was a little bent, but it was easy enough to push them back into shape. I’ve had them for a week now and I’m still supper happy with them! Best thing is they don’t irritate my second piercing which always get’s a little sensitive.


The petals are silver plated along with the chain and the center is gold plated. After I bought these I had a little gander through the rest of Estella Bartlett’s jewellery and ugh, this might be the beginning of a new addiction! That bee necklace is just calling me. 

I got these here (**) and here (**)


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    I wish I could get my hands on these! I am allergic to fashion jewelry and can only wear gold or silver, I alwys wear the same jewelry anyways so it is good that gold and silver lasts for ever :) I love small charms like these ones, they are so pretty!

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    Love how simple and pretty they are ^-^ if your skin gets irritated easily you should avoid any accessories and stick to silver stuff. My sister’s piercings would bleed if she used anything other than gold >.<