Trying Out Highlighters (and Loving Them!)

MUA undress-your-skin

I don’t know why but I’ve never really dabbled into highlighters before. As I’m sure most of you know I have a BB Cream obsession, but I never really got into the whole contouring and highlighting thing. Sure, I play around with it every tutorial or so, but it’s not something I automatically reach for when I’m planning a look. I’m a huge fan of the MUA lipsticks and eyeliners, so I thought I’d try out their highlighters too a few weeks ago.

Basics: £3 •  Cruelty Free •  9g

It’s not like you can really go wrong for £3, so I bought two and oh… my…gosh, these are incredible! I don’t know why I was surprised really, while not all MUA products are amazing (Kiss Proof lip stain I’m looking at you) when they’re good they’re really good.

MUA Highlighter Swatches

Iridescent Gold

My favourite of the two. It’s just…beautiful! It’s fine, easy to apply, pigmented and absurdly affordable. My only mildly negative comment is that the packagings isn’t something which will be resistant to knocks and bumps, but for £3 I really don’t have valid reason to complain about it. You can see how I used it in my Sagittarius tutorial here.

Opalescent Amber

This one isn’t so much of a ‘boom’ highlighter on me, it has a  pinker undertone to it which works a little bit like a baked blush/highlighter on my skin tone. Exactly the same kind of consistency and packaging as Iridescent Gold, except on me this colour isn’t as obvious and a lot more subtle. You can see how I used it in my Libra tutorial here.

You can get these here 


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    I’ve only recently started to use actual like, face make up (concealer, foundation, that type of thing) so i definitely want to try these out! They look like lovely colours and i hope i can figure out how to use it properly haha.