Experimenting with Next Perfumes

Next Perfume

If my mum could see me right now she would probably be rolling her eyes at me and saying something along the lines of ‘another perfume?’ Yes, another perfume, because I have an addiction and I’m not quitting! So far as I am aware the Next perfumes are cruelty free, but I’m not going to put it down at cruelty free on this blog post just because each time I write to them about it I never get a confirmation email, and I’d like to have that before I put it down as cruelty free for certain.

So far I’ve tried three perfumes from Next. One I love, one which is okay and this one which is just a little bit…meh

I bought this one alongside Paradise Escape and Antigua. Escape was good, but Antigua I adore, which obviously meant that the perfume gods decided they should discontinue it. Thankfully I bought the large sized bottle, so it should last me a while, and if I’m lucky maybe they’ll start selling it again. But this perfume however I’ve ended up using it as a room spray just because it’s so weak.

Next Perfumes

It’s described as “A vivacious, exotic blend of mango and guava reveals an enchanting heart of coconut with the added warmth of soft musk”. Problem is that you can’t really smell the coconut, or the musk, and I’m only be able to smell the rest of the scent for about an hour before I have to re-apply it.

Basics: • £10 •  50ml

It’s fine as a room spray or as an eau de toilette, but don’t expect it to last long either way. Next do have some great perfumes (Antigua I’m looking at you you little beauty) which are great, but unfortunately this particular one is not one of them.


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    I’ve only tried one Next perfume, Sparkle, and adore it, it’s pretty much the scent I’ve been wearing for about a year now! I keep thinking I must branch out and try more of their scents so I’ll definitely give Antigua a go! :) xx