DIY: Leaf Masquerade Mask

Forest Masquerade

I know I use glue guns a lot, but when you can make masks like this quickly (and cheaply) can you honestly blame me? Next week I’ll be showing you how to make a masquerade mask with just a glue gun and paint, but this week we’ll be including one extra item into the tutorial. A silicone cake decoration mould.

I managed to resist the temptation this week, but if you’re a magpie like me feel free to add a couple of rhinestones to the mask. Especially around the edges

Also with autumn coming up you could also make a mask like this, but paint it different colours, reds, yellows, golds. There are hundreds of combinations you could do! Maybe even go for a psychedelic neon combination if you want something a bit unusual.

I hope you like the tutorial :)


  1. says

    Dear Klaire, this is so awesome, beautiful, creative and I don’t even have words. But I have 1 question. Unfortunately I don’t have anybody who might help me with the face cast and I am too afraid to do it alone. Do you have some tip what to use? I tried bowl or ball but mask is then just rounded without shape. I bought “head” but it’s from polystyrene(couldn’t get other) so working with glue gun on it is almost impossible…. thank you very much for this amazing video, tip and everything. Love our videos, blog and everything:)

  2. Robin says

    Hi Klaire – I could comment on each of your videos, but I would be saying the same thing on every single one: you are so freaking brilliant. Thank you for creating inspiration and the wonder of watching beautiful things come to life. I’ve been subscribed for years and you never fail to amaze me.