The Zodiacs: Libra

Justice Will be Served

This is the only look in the entire zodiac series I’ve had to film twice. The first time I filmed it there was a lot more blue eye makeup (mistake no. 1) I wore a red wig (mistake no.2) I was quite ill at the time (mistake no.3) and I filmed it at 3 am. All in all, a magnificent disaster, but thankfully this time it turned out perfectly.

Before anyone asks, no, I did not get a septum piercing. Just like tattoos, I love the look of them, but I change my mind way too much to commit to it. I’d much rather fake it and have the option of switching things up when I get bored.

I got my (fake) septum ring here (**)

The Zodiacs Libra

There were two things I knew I wanted to avoid with this look. Number one was pink, it is just not my colour, and number two, I don’t like the idea that for something to be ‘girly’ it has to be pink. Blue is another colour which is associated with Libra so I decided to go with that one instead.

I wanted to keep the eye makeup simple, colourful and bright, but also work the Libra symbol into it

Once this series has finished I’m planning to do an eyeliner video for the zodiacs, all twelve zodiacs in one video with eyeliner and a plain pair of false lashes. No rhinestones (yes, that will be hard for me) no glitter, just minimal makeup. I think when I finally get to that the eyeliner won’t be much different to this one. Just without the blue eyeliner or glitter.

The scales of Justie

I know Libra is normally shown holding the scales, but with the scales I had it looked utterly ridiculous because they were just so small, so instead I went for one image with a torch and one with a sword to represent both sides of the scales instead.

I hope you like the tutorial :)


  1. says

    So beautiful! I always love your photography, that wig always makes you look like Rose from Downton Abbey! Where did you get the wig out of curiosity?

  2. Erin says

    This is one of my favorites so far! I hoard jewelry and my inner magpie externalized when seeing the jewelry in this video. Do you happen to have links for the ring and earrings? :)

  3. Tia says

    Awesome tutorial, Klaire! Love the makeup and the wig. By the way, I’m a Libra myself. What’s your sign?