A Matte Lip Tint I Actually Like

Caylin Demonist

Sometimes when I write reviews I wish I could write “I love it! I love it! I love it!‘ and leave it at that. This is the most beautiful satin burgundy lip gloss I have ever tried (so far). I’ve never been entirely sold on the idea of matte lip tints. The few I have tried dried the heck out of my lips, which I guess is to be expected with anything matte, but the formula of this product from Cailyn is certainly the best of any I have tried before.

Basics: 3.5g • $19 • Made in the US • Cruelty Free

• The shade is called ‘Demonist’

When I bought it at IMATS I was going to wait till I was back in England to test it out, but I couldn’t wait and wore it for a night out while I was still there. It lasted spectacularly well! I didn’t exactly have my eyes on the clock since there were drinks and karaoke in the vicinity, but it lasted at least five hours even after a big meal and a couple of drinks.

Caylin Swatch Demonist

I would advise with this product to apply a little lip balm before you wear it, but if you have naturally dry lips then this might not be the best lip product for you. I was going to add lip swatches to this blog post to show the colour but I think if you want to see how this looks on the lips it’s best shown on the Leo tutorial I did a few months ago.

If I had to point out any negatives about this product it would be that it does have a tendency to stain the lips, but honestly, when a lip product lasts longer than five hours you really can’t expect for it to do anything else other than stick around. My verdict? I love it, I love it I love it!

You can get it here