Peel Avant-Garde Makeup

Peeling Eyes

I must have done the face chart for this look about two years ago, and since then it’s just been hanging on my wall waiting for me to do it.  This week I just wanted to experiment and see what kind of look I could create with the least amount of products as possible, and using something non-makeup.

I just used two eyeshadows, eye lash glue, lipliner and some white foundation

I think I was really frustrated or stressed when I got the idea, and originally it was going to be more bloody, but I thought I’d try it out as something more avant-garde.

Peeling Makeup

The Peel

I decided I wasn’t going to wear any foundation (other than the white foundation) for this look since it’s not really meant to look pretty, and I wanted all the texture and ‘imperfections’ in the skin to be picked up in the pictures. Next week I should be back to my regular tutorials but just for this week I wanted to have a little fun and experiment.

I hope you like the tutorial :)


  1. Stefanie says

    I really love this look and the tutorial, that was just what I was looking for!
    I’d also like to ask you a question,Klaire… I’m a photographer and it happend quite a few times that the make up artist canceled last minute or couldn’t deliver the look I wanted on my models. I’ve been doing the skin make up quite a few times myself but I’m really afraid of doing eye make up on other people because I don’t want to hurt my models. Since you are self taught do you have any tips on eye make up on other people? How did you learn that? I’m really worried about eye liner, mascara or stuff on the waterline.

    • Klaire says

      One trick you can do when applying makeup on the water line is make them look up and do a count down. Tell them you’re going to count to three and on three they can blink. It gives them something to think about and gives you time to apply the makeup. For things like mascara if they’re really scared of you applying it let them do it and then go through the lashes with a brush :)