Trying Out a New Lash Glue

Duo Lash Glue

My last experience with Duo lash glue was not good. I have tried this brand twice in the past, once with their regular lash glue, and once with their latex free versions, and both times my eyes flatly refused to have it anywhere near them.

I felt like I should give DUO one last shot though so I picked this one up while I was in NY

And boy am I glad I did! I think I finally understand the hype around this brand, or at least for this product. Unlike regular lash glues this one dries black, so it makes it a lot easier to hide that annoying line you can get between your eyeliner and your real lashes when you apply the false lashes too high.

Colour of the lash Glue

At first it was a little tricky to get the hang of. Since it’s dark grey it’s a lot harder to tell when it’s ready to apply, unlike white lash glue which will normally start to go a very faint shade of light blue when it’s ready to be applied.

Basics: 7g • Cruelty Free • £4.95

It’s also a lot runnier than most lash glues I have tried. I have to be so careful when I’m using this or I’ll end up squeezing out the whole thing instead of just a drop. At first it was a bit of a pain (especially since I ruined two pairs of feather lashes this way) but now that I’m used to it I love this glue. I haven’t been reaching for Royal Lash glue in a few months and I think it’s going to stay that way.

You can get it here (**)


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    I’m so glad you did a review on this, you have never disappointed me when you’re recommending a product on your blog/yt, and I’ve been battling if I should get the duo lash adhesive as a good lash glue is hard to come by where I live, but they do sell DUO Adhesive.

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