Outsider Art: Tyr


Tyr was one of the Character’s in the Outsider series where I really didn’t have a clear image of how he looked in my head at all at first.  There were a few physical features and traits I was absolutely certain about when I started sketching him. I knew he had to have green eyes (just like all the elves in Kentutrebā). I gave him similar eyebrows and upper lip to Sylbil, but he’s a very different character to her with very different experiences, and I needed that to show on his face.

Sketch Basic Shading

I started out the same way I normally start any of my portraits, with a rough sketch on wax paper. After that I transfered the final outline on brown paper and started shading it with grey tones on the left side of the face and red/yellow tones on the right.

You can see my video about how to make sketch transfers here

I originally wanted to draw Tyr on a dark brown paper, but don’t have many sheets left and I wanted to save it for a drawing of Ragi, Ulf or Bugul (Bugual is a new character in Defiance). With darker paper you really have the opportunity to make unusual skin tones like green and blue(ish) stand out, so I wanted to keep that paper for them.

Pan Pastel Shading Eyes Done

After the basic shadows and highlights had been done I added a colour to the eyes. Even though his eyes should technically be the same vibrant shade of green as Astrid’s and Sylbil’s I just couldn’t quite bring myself to give him the same colour.

What I used (**):

Polychromos Pencils • Makeup Brushes • Mechanical Pencil • White Gel Pen • Tortillions • Pan Pastels

The colours I went for instead I felt gave him a wilder and more unpredictable look. I didn’t like the idea that he should have exactly the same eyes as Astrid and Sylbil. Especially considering his history with them. I like to think that his eyes have faded a little over time, each year becoming a little more gaunt and with paler eyes and a little less like his sister.

On the Art Wall Tyr Outsider

Once I finished his face I didn’t spend much time on his hair. Nothing longer than ten minutes just so I had a rough idea of how his hairline would look and hang around his face. At some point I might go back and fill it in properly, make it darker and glossier, but for the moment he’s going to stay pinned on my wall next to Ragana and Jarl.

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