The Zodiacs: Aquarius

The Water Carrier

As of uploading this look I am officially half way though my Zodiacs series. For most of these looks I’ve tried to incorporate the Zodiac symbol into the makeup looks, but for this one I wanted to focus more on the element of water than the symbol.

I painted the jug months ago, and now that I’ve filmed the tutorial it should be quite a beautiful flower jug

The funny thing is that I got the wig for a witch look originally, but I thought  it worked absolutely perfectly for this look when I tried it. I’m tempted to use it again for Sagittarius since I’m going for a bit of a celtic warrior theme. But I might stick to my original idea of a high braided ponytail.

The Zodiacs

The Zodiacs Aquarious

Making the water pour out of the jug was easy. Just grab some sellotape, some cling film, and tape one end to the bottom of the jug while the rest hangs out. If you were going for a costume version of this look you would want to wear a toga and have the end of the cling film wrapped around your waist, then carry the jug on your shoulder. Of course if you wanted to be really elaborate you could have sings with clear beads hanging down from it too.

I hope you like the look :)


  1. Tia says

    I have one word for this look : Beautiful! Well done, Klaire! Love, Tia :) P.S. You’re an amazing artist.

  2. says

    I love these looks and how you’ve managed to find this perfect balance between make up looks, art and photography. You do an amazing job and I appreciate the work in progress/how tos. Keep up the great work, your audience or at least this one, loves it.