Stars Fly Music Video Makeup

Klaire Makeup

If you didn’t already know my band Malumi released our new single Stars fly this week, we’ve been working on our new (and first) album this year, and Stars Fly is our first single release from what will be the Monsters and Fireflies album.

You can see the music video here

If you’ve been following our vlogs then you’ve seen snippets of this song┬áthere, we will be releasing 3 singles before the full album is released in April next year. This song, When the Lion Comes (September release), Dark Queen (January release) and then, the song the album is named after, Monsters and Fireflies in April along with the album.

Alices Makeup:

I wanted Alice’s makeup to do two things, keep the skin looking as fresh and natural as possible, but also make her eye makeup a little weird and quirky without being heavy. I also didn’t want anything to clash with Alice’s amazing red hair, so I went for a little bit of green on the outer corners of her eyes, a little finely milled cosmetic glitter, gold eyeliner and some mascara.

Sara’s Makeup:

You know I have a thing for rhinestones, well Sara has a thing for glitter. I added the glitter onto Sara’s lashes before I applied them so I didn’t have too much of a problem with fall out. I didn’t add anything to Sara’s lips except for a little lip balm. With her pink hair, the flower background and the glitter lashes I felt like anything else would have been too much.

My Makeup:

And then I said, let there be rhinestones! Of course I had to have a few rhinestones is this, heck even when I’m going out in real life I still wear a rhinestone or two with my winged eyeliner.

Annnnd that should be all the makeup tutorials! Next week I’ll be uploading my regular videos but if you haven’t seen the music video or been following our vlogs on the Malumi channel you can see them here.

I hope you like the videos :)


  1. Mimi says

    my favorite is Sara’s make up, looks amazing with her hair color! i wanted to know if you would add one model with a tanned skin, since it is different for concealer and colors… Love your videos!