Outsider Art: Sylbil

Eye Close Up

It’s already been a year since I wrote Outsider, and in two months (July 14th) I’ll be releasing Defiance, the second book in the series. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by but I’m so excited for you all to read the second book in the series! I’ve already started getting my teeth into writing the third book, but just for a little forward planning I’d been filling a notebook for the past few months detailing what happened before Outsider with Sylbil and Arnbjörg.

I hadn’t done a charcoal drawing in a while, so I thought I would go ahead and take an hour or two to draw Sylbil

I already had a brief layout of their story on a reference file on my computer, but it’s been quite nice to sit down and write it all down from their perspective rather than just have a brief overview in my notes. I decided I just had to draw Sylbil, and while I was at it finally dust off my charcoal pastels (**) which have just been sitting my my draws for months now.

Sketch Plastic

I started off with a sketch of her face. If you haven’t seen it already I’ve already done videos how how I transfer my rough sketches onto paper here, and another on my favourite blending methods.

What I used (**):

Grey Tones Pastels • Makeup Brushes • Mechanical Pencil •

Rubber Pencil • Tortillions •

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but makeup brushes are some of my favourite tools for blending, I have a set of about 5 makeup brushes which I keep just for my art work. Mostly they’re old makeup brushes which I’ve found quite useless (or shed too much) for makeup, but are absolutely perfect for blending, especially when it comes to drawing skin.

Finished Eye Sylbil Jīkkā

Finished With Tools

And that’s the final drawing. In total it took me about two hour to draw her, she’s meant to appear quite gentle and sweet, with a few similar features to Astrid but, like Astrid, she also has an incredibly strong will. The idea I had is that if you cover half her face and hide her eyes she looks like someone who would be a little too sweet and kind and very easy to manipulate, but if you look just at her eyes you realise that’s she’s far smarter than she let’s people believe, and considerably tougher.