Review: Cailyn BB Fluid Touch Compact


Apart from getting to meet Angie, Bethany and Alexys there were quite a few amazing new brands there that I had not seen before at IMATS New York. I use BB creams a lot, I rarely use a regular foundation, even for my videos, let alone in real life. So when I saw this new BB cream/liquid I decided to give it a shot.

Basics: Made in the USA • 15g • $32 • Cruelty Free

It’s described as a foundation/corrector/brightener/moisturiser. It is brightening and very mildly moisturising, but  I wouldn’t recommend just this product for some who is trying to cover rosacea or heavy acne. It would be a perfect product to start with to provide a light even base, but it won’t do the job if you want to cover acne or severe redness.

BB Cream

The packaging was what originally drew my eye. It’s quite an interesting idea, if you press on the button a little of the formula is pumped up into the pan, I also love that you have the option of re-fillable pans.  It’s the perfect formula for natural makeup, unfortunately the shades (like most BB creams) are a little limited, I’ve found very few brands that cater for any skin tone darker than a caramel brown which is very annoying.

Comes in 7 shades • My shade is in Porcelain

It feels so lightweight on the skin, each time I wear it I keep forgetting that’s I’m even wearing makeup, which is exactly the kind of makeup I love. It’s described as a moisturising formula, if you have very dry skin you would need something a little more, but it’s perfect for normal skin or oily skin if you apply a little powder after along the t-zone.

Calyin BB Cream

My only negative thought on this BB is that it’s not a long lasting base, after about 4 hours it is going to wear out around the cheeks and the bridge of your nose, especially if the weather is a little warm or if you’re out for the night.

I’m not sure how easy it is going to be for me to get refills since this brand doesn’t currently sell in the UK, but other than the skin 79 BB creams I think I’ve found my favourite foundation. It’s even more lightweight on the skin than the skin 79 creams and it is the perfect shade for my skin.

You can try it out here