The Zodiacs: Leo


Leo is one of those symbols where you can’t really do anything else (hair wise) other than big blond golden hair. I did briefly consider a red wig but it just didn’t work with the feel of Leo. Other than a peacock I always thought lions were quite showy animals, and I wanted to keep that “look at me I’m fabulous” feel in the look.

The look for me had to be a mixture of showgirls meets masquerade

The first thing I thought of when planning the look for Leo was a masquerade and lots of gold. Leo’s are described as confident, ambitious, loyal and encouraging but also pretentious, domineering and vain. I wanted to have the masquerade mask partly drawn onto the skin and party coming from it with the Leo symbol cut into the patterns.

The Zodiacs- LeoThe Confidence of a Leo

If you want to replicate this look I’ve made it easy, the template for the cut outs are linked bellow. You can just print them out, trace them, cut them out and then paint them gold to match the ones I wore.  If you’re not sure how to make a transfer then I have a tutorial for that here which should make it easy.

You can download the face patterns here

If you download the pattern you’ll notice there is another one at the bottom, well, you’ll want to keep that (or start cutting them out) because those are the patterns I’ll be using for Gemini.

I hope you like the tutorial :)


  1. says

    This look is so gorgeous!!! I think this is probably one of my all time favourite looks that you’ve made, it’s brilliant!

  2. Pat says

    I love how the face lines are shadowing the cut outs. And how the cutouts change the dimensions of your face. Another brilliant job

  3. CoraMulhall says

    Amazing work yet again Klaire.
    I’m so amazed by your work.
    I can’t wait to see what you will do for Cancer ;) :)

  4. Nina says

    Oh, Gemini is going to be great, I love how subtle and elegant the pattern is.
    And amazing work again, can’t wait for Sagittarius ;)

  5. says

    I love it so much!!! As well all your other looks!!!

    And it really could be, that I replicate it once, because my star sign is indeed the leo … smile
    But of course then I will mention you and your side as my inspiration.

    Greetings …
    Marion from Berlin

  6. Cecilie says

    Absolutely stunning work! My jaw, quite literally, dropped. Seen some comments which make a small jab towards the lip colour, favouring a golden or brown shade, but I have to disagree. To me, it really highlights a feature of the star-sign that you didn’t point out: The sheer sexuality. I believe it’s only Scorpio, which is regarded as more amorous. So to me, the dark red lips just fits perfectly!