DIY: Aquarius Jug

Jug Finished

I’ve had this jug uselessly sitting in my kitchen for the past few months. Why is it useless? Well for starters it’s one of those annoying jugs that just doesn’t pour anything properly, and each time you try the water runs down the side and you end up soaking yourself. So I figured since I can’t use it for making coconut milk I’d use it for my zodiacs series and then use it as a flower vase afterwards.

Jug Painted Black Lining

Making it was pretty simple. Firstly, I spray painted it black and then I put Sellotape around the top of the jug so that I could get the lines perfectly accurate. As for the pattern, I did it freehand with some gold ink. Ink is not the best when used over spray paint, but I liked how it partly separated on the surface, a little like the aged gold you see on artifacts.

Painting Lining the Edge

The pattern I painted didn’t work if it carried along to the tip of the jug, so instead I changed the pattern so that it followed and dipped down from it. After that all I did was paint a line over the top of the jug handle and underneath it. Not the most adventurous thing to do, but I didn’t want anything to distract from the pattern along the top of the jug.


Later (after I took the photos) I gave gave the whole jug two coats of clear varnish so that the gold wouldn’t flake or chip off, and that’s all I did. I’m not sure when I’ll be doing the aquarius look but, like I have mentioned before, I tend to do my looks sporadically depending on which one I feel I can to the best on filming day. At least now the props for Aquarius are done and ready to film with and hopefully soon I should have a new look for you.