Real Life Disney: Hades


There’s something about bad guys that is so unbelievably fun to do, you get to look a little crazy, act a little crazy and you don’t have to explain yourself. That is until a cold caller knocks at the door. On the plus side he took one loot at me (I was grinning like an idiot) said I wasn’t interested and he just left no questions asked.

Today I decided I would do one of the villains

If I end up extending my Real Life Disney series to just animations in general (Edna Mode and Princess Mononoke) then one of the first villains I want to do is Eris from Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas. She is my absolute favourite villain! I mean how could she not be, she’s cool as a cucumber and voiced by Michelle Pfeiffer who is one of my favourite actresses.

Real Life Disney Hades

The only prop I really had to make for this was the scull pin which was ridiculously easy to make, not like the horns I’ve made for Aires which I’ll be filming next week for the Zodiac series. Those took forever to make!

If you want to see how I made the scull pin you can read my blog post here

Some people were asking if I’d quit the Zodiacs series, no, I haven’t. It just works out quite nicely if I alternate between series so that I have time to make props for looks like Capricorn, Aires and Taurus which will requite quite a lot of props.

Zusie I'm Home

I feel a little sorry for my Instagram followers who got to see a sneak peek of this look at something like ten or eleven o’clock at night. Not the kind of thing you want to see right before you go to sleep.

I hope you like the tutorial :)


  1. says

    Oh I absolutely ADORE this look!!! You made it just perfect honestly! :D Awesome job!
    And YES please please do Eris from Sinbad!!! She’s probably my favourite villain and I’ve always completely adored her. Would be marvelous if you did a tutorial on her! <3

  2. Hexia says

    OHMIGOD YES DO ERIS I LOVED HER IN THAT MOVIE!! i loved that movie i have no idea why it wasn’t more well known.

    That and the road to eldorado, they’re both great.

    the coolest parts of eris is hard to do though since her smoke wisping around thing was ace, and it’s mainly her character and not her look that is detailed.