How I Made the EP Cover

Making The Malumi EP Cover

This one took a while to make! Over the past year I’ve had various ideas pop up in my head but none of them seemed to work with the dream-like look we were going for. When I was at Uni for graphic design one of the projects we were meant to do was on paper art, for some reason the module was dropped and I remember being absolutely gutted at the time.

After a little bit of research on paper art on Pinterest I  started planning out the cover

While we were shooting the Lullaby music video there was this amazing oak tree with two swings at the location, Sara put this lovely black and white picture of it on our Instagram, and I though it would be just perfect for the cover.  For the most part this cover just involved a lot of cutting. It ended up taking the entire day to cut up all the little pieces and take the perfect photograph.

I spent about 2 hours experimenting with the lighting and camera angles until I got the perfect shot

After that it was just a lot of time in Photoshop experimenting with different looks till I finally settled on the perfect cover. And the best thing is that after this I got to use everything I cut out for the lyric video of Lullaby. I’ll be making that live on the Malumi YT channel  in the next few weeks, since the EP was released yesterday I can’t wait to see what you thought of it!

Which song was your favourite? 


  1. Mia says

    My absolute favorit is snow. I really love that song! It’s great how you both sing the lead voice and the supporting voice. I know how difficult it is to make the two voices mix well together. I still have to reserve judgement about Go. It has too much electronic for my taste. In my opinion it distractes from your two beautiful voices… ;-) But overall I think it is a great first EP and really hope to hear more of you!! ^-^

  2. Rina says

    I really can’t decide. Each time you release an new song I totally fall in love with it. So I probably believe my favourite will be your next one.