DIY: Helmet

Helmet 1

Of course there was a glue gun involved in making this helmet, but for the most part it was tin foil (yes, tin foil),  tape, gold card and a few staples. First thing I did was use the tin foil to make a cast of my head. So you want to wrap your head (head not your face) in tin foil and then, while you’re still wearing it, cover it in small strips of tape so it holds it’s shape when you take it off.

Take the foil wrap off and cut an upward arch in the back above your neck and a curve just over your ears

Next I used my favourite craft tool, a hot glue gun, and covered the underside and top of the tin helmet with lines of hot glue to made it stronger. If you can try and line the hot glue so it’s in an organic patten. Not just splattered all over the place, it’ll look a lot better spray painted if the hot glue is applied nicely rather than all over the place.

Helmet 2

The next part sounds tricky but really it isn’t , take gold card and cut it into strips. Round the edges and then layer them over the tin helmet. For the very end of the helmet cut a v-shape and and fold it down the middle. For the very edges of the card staple them down but make sure the ends are folded so that they don’t poke you when you’re wearing the helmet.

I used two spray paints for the helmet, first a matte white and a gold

For the pattern at the front of the helmet I used a glue gun and then spray painted the whole thing white. Once the white paint dried I painted the edges of the strips gold and then gave the whole thing a dusting of gold paint.

Virgo Helmet Finished

And before I forget, the edge were made with circlular strips of gold card cut in three different sizes, large, medium and small. I stuck them to the side just over where my ears would be and the edges lined with a glue gun. And that’s it, that’s all I did!

You can see the tutorial I used this for here


  1. Tess Vachon says

    that’s amazing!! I always love your DIYs because you use things that people probably have laying around the house or that you can find at the dollar store!!

  2. Jenn Gehring says

    That is amazing! I would love to see a video tutorial for it. Your creativity fascinates me!!